OT2IT Bridge

Speed up your IIoT / Industry 4.0 implementation with OT2IT. It is a zero code Gateway that enables  rapid and easy connectivity of Industrial World with IT Systems. It helps to bridge the gap between IT systems and the Operations systems.



Platform Flexible - Desktop PC/ Industrial Grade Hardware MS Windows/ Linux

Intelligent - Built-in data publishing intelligence- which, where, to whom and when. Provides virtual tags from physical data/tags using ready to use set of arithmetic & logical functions

Full Scalability - Offers stage wise deployment to achieve full scalability with multiple devices on both Input as well as output side and process tags up to 25000 including the virtual tags

Alarm and Event Management - Data from multiple sources on a single platform for Alarm and Event Management along with Time Stamping. Provides routing to desired output devices/systems as well as by email.

Zero Code Configuration - Low-code platform enables rapid and easy development with visual-based modeling environment.

Simple Installation - Easy to set up and configure, can be installed by a field engineer. No additional training required.