• A  gateway for optimized communication with cloud 
  • Single/Multiple RS485 ports for data collection from Sensor /Instrument/Meter/Controller etc.
  • Remote data transmission through different connectivity like RS485/Ethernet / Integrated GPRS/RF.
  • Optional on-board physical I/Os, GPS for asset location detection
  • Provision to accommodate custom specific functions like remote Start/Stop, alarm SMS handling, basic algorithms, total count for run-time hours, energy, flow etc
  • PC based tool for configuration
  • Easy Integration with various SCADA/HMI systems including TASm2m solutions for remote monitoring and reporting like TASm2m-ASSET, TASm2m-SUSTENANCE, TASm2m-IEM, TASm2m-SOLAR  
  • Integration with third party applications is also feasible
  • Industrially hardened  to fit into existing electrical panels.
  • IP65 version available for outdoor installations
  • Optional 3 mtr extended GPRS/GSM antenna to take care of most common industrial installations scenarios

Typical Used Cases