Remote Asset Performance Monitoring

Remain connected with your customers by being connected with your assets, equipment and machines.

TASm2m-ASSET is IoT based solution  for remote status and performance monitoring of all your Assets/Equipment/Machines installed anywhere across the globe. Install our TASm2m-GATEWAY in your electrical panel and get ready-to-go for remote performance monitoring of your equipment.

The solution consists of environmentally hardened TASm2m-GATEWAY which communicates with the controller of the equipment to collect the data and send it to the cloud based softwareTASm2m-ASSET. The solution being cloud-based, it is scalable to handle any number of equipment as you go on selling.


Remote Diagnostics & Predictive Maintenance:

  • Remain connected with your asset/equipment/machines. Monitor & Analyze asset health data both real-time and historical to support remote diagnostics and quick AMC service support.
  • Only 18% breakdown are age related, balance 82% are with random pattern. Intervene at the right time before assets go down.

Resource Utilization  & Service Quality:

  • With remote monitoring support prioritize the skills and then optimize on service support staff.
  • Right time intervention with all the time connectivity with the asset, service quality is assured.

Warranty Support & Maintenance Log:

  • Real-time data with analytics, which includes 'utilization pattern' of the asset, becomes handy for better 'claims handling' during warranty period.
  • Records of maintenance, consumables and spare parts available as life history of the equipment.

After-Sales-Service Business & Handling of New Business Models:

  • Early notifications to sales team for replacement of consumables, spare parts and the asset itself.
  • Real-time data available for introducing new business models like rentals, SLA based AMC, performance based incentives etc.

Enabler for Design Data Input:

  • Real-time performance monitoring available as input to design team for product improvement.