Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

 TASm2m-ELN is nothing but one platform for your scientific data management.  It brings power to your laboratory bench with simplified data handling and full SOP user guidance. Electronic Laboratory Notebook  is a substitute to conventional paper based notebook used as Laboratory record.

The software provides full audit trails, electronic signatures, witnessing workflows and sharing functionality built in. Electronic Lab Notebook will streamline workflows, increase productivity and leverage existing investments without jeopardizing regulatory compliance. With its cloud-based architecture, the Electronic Lab Notebook is ideal for labs that are geographically separated. Traditional paper lab notebooks can be time consuming and tedious  to maintain and even harder to search. 


Digitized Form & Multi-Views:

  • Complete lab data in digitized form. with Improved data quality.
  • Viewing Multi-Lab data & Multi-Plant Lab data from a single location. Enhances collaboration.

Real Time Data & Report Generation:

  • Auto time/date stamped data which helps is tracing and auditing.
  • Easy and quick auto report generation. Can facilitate data analysis.

Backup & Support:

  •  Simplifies backup & support collaboration among many users.

Assurance & Security:

  • Provides unambiguous data and ensure that information from lab accurately used by experimenters. External collaborators/Labs can securely submit data for analysis and storage.

Cloud Software:

  • As it is a cloud-based software solution, continuing software refinements and improvements are rolled out during announced, scheduled updates without costly local maintenance requirements.