TASm2m-IoT Edge


Empower analytics at the edge of your IoT network with intelligent TASm2m-IoT Edge Gateway, start at the edge and work in to get richer business insights.
The two-in-one device providers connectivity and communication with sensors/devices/end points in a cost effective & secure way. In addition it provides complex analytics to be performed at fast speed and close to the edge. Helps to opt for a hybrid analytics approach incorporating both edge & cloud analytics, optimized for their individual requirements & circumstances.



  • Engineered for the extreme- an Industrial Grade IoT gateway for sending data from sensor/device/end point to the cloud in real time.
  • Powered for smart built-in feature for deploying advanced analytics solutions “at the edge”.
  • Optimized for communication- Open MQTT protocol for connecting to any third party cloud applications.
  • Enabled with rich connectivity options to the sensors/devices/end points– e.g. Serial/ Ethernet/ RF/  LoRa, etc.
  • Scalable- with optional on-board physical I/Os, GPS for asset location detection.
  • Tool for quick configuration.
  • Easy integration with third party applications like SCADA/ HMI/ MoM/ MES/ Legacy Applications etc. including TASm2m solutions, like TASm2m-ASSET, TASm2m-SUSTENANCE, TASm2m-IEM, TASm2m-SOLAR, TASm2m-ELN.